Introducing Tax Withholding

Taxes. They’re inevitable. But, they don’t have to be a pain in the neck. Wingspan Withholding is an easy way to save for taxes.

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How does it work?

Every time you get paid through Wingspan, we will automatically set aside a proportion of the income into a savings account you can always access. When it comes to quarterly tax payments, you can pay the IRS directly from Wingspan.

Just like a full time employee, the income you receive excludes taxes and will be yours to spend!

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Getting started with Wingspan

Learn the basics of Wingspan in a few minutes minutes with our new demo video:

Send test invoices

You can now send yourself test invoices. We're confident your clients will love paying you through Wingspan, now you can be confident too!

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  1. Send yourself our default test invoice or one you've customized
  2. It'll land in your email for you to check it out
  3. Click through to test the full client payment experience
  4. Start sending invoices and watch us get you paid

Introducing your File Vault

Create professional documents with confidence

For far too long, independent professionals have had to navigate their lives with limited access to the systems and documents they need to succeed. Not anymore. We're leaving a paper trail of some of freelancing's most classified information. Frame 2.png

Introducing the File Vault, a first-of-it's-kind digital briefcase featuring editable and downloadable contracts and templates prepared by experts. Wingspan members will be able to compose client-facing proposals, access tax-ready financial forms, and upload & store their own documents, all in one secure place.

Say hello to contracts

Here by popular demand: contract templates! Download a completely customizable contract to jumpstart your business and keep yourself protected.

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  • Drawn up by lawyers who specialize in freelance clients & small businesses
  • Downloadable and editable to suit your specific needs
  • Still need help? Reach out to your member advocate to schedule a 30-minute consultation

Get paid *on time*

Never wait (and wait and wait) for a client to pay you again. Now, you can tell Wingspan to send automatic reminders when your invoice is overdue

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  • Completely customizable: you decide when an invoice is overdue, and if you want to send a reminder
  • No client is the same, so set your preferences for each individual invoice
  • We'll never send a reminder without your explicit permission

Recurring invoices for retainers!

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Working longterm with a client?

  • Set up recurring invoices on autopilot
  • Get paid promptly at the same time every week or month

Auto-imports have landed in bookkeeping

You didn't get into freelancing to run your own accounting department. Now you can auto-import your transactions into our bookkeeping product!

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  • Automatically track your financials via linked accounts for an always-available, up-to-date personal financial dashboard
  • See a snapshot of you how much income has come in, total expenses incurred and estimates of your tax liability
  • Get the peace of mind you need to focus on your craft

Preview any invoice before you hit send!

You asked, we answered. You can now preview any invoice before sending it off your client!

  • Double check your inputs and feel confident you know exactly what's arriving in someone's inbox—all without interrupting your process.
  • Preview your entire invoice email, including to, from, and subject

Wingspan Tax Prep is here!

As you run your business, we keep track of your income, expenses, profit, and losses. When it's time to file, you can use Wingspan Tax Prep to export your tax-ready financials— including your Schedule-C—to use for DIY filing or with your CPA.

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A spreadsheet of Schedule C calculations. Transparent calculations that map all of your transactions correctly to every field in the Schedule C form.

Profit and loss breakdown. An overview of your financial standings.

All income and expenses. Edit or add business transactions to this list to automatically recalculate the Schedule C data